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  1. 08/04/2013 / 6 h 38 min

    Copyright 2005 Saleem Rana. Please feel free to pass thisarticle on to your associates, or use it inside your ezine ornewsletter. It really is a shareware short article.

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    he desires all, feels the thirst and power foreverything, and ultimately gets absolutely nothing. Inside the end, he is destroyed by his personal strength, devoured by his personal hunger, impoverished by his personal wealth. Thoughtless of cash or the accumulation of material possessions, he is none the less defeated in the end by his personal greed a greed that tends to make the avarice of King Midas look paltry by comparison.And that may be the reason why,

  3. 08/04/2013 / 8 h 24 min

    In case you have men and women you like, allow them to be totally free beings. Give and do not count on. Advise, but do not order. Ask, but by no means demand. It may sound relatively easy, but it is really a lesson that can take a lifetime to truly practice. It’s the secret to true Adore. To truly practice it, you should sincerely feelno expectations from people who you like, and nevertheless an unconditional caring.

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