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  1. 08/04/2013 / 9 h 01 min

    Lots of of us waste a lot of time envying other folks rather than finding on with our personal ambitions and dreams. This can be stupid to place it mildly.

  2. 08/04/2013 / 9 h 34 min

    For those who possess a heavy object, aim for the center of the window. A rock, hammer, steering wheel lock, umbrella, screwdriver, laptop, sizeable camera, etc., may well all serve as suitable battering objects. Even the keys may well operate if you are sturdy sufficient.

  3. 08/04/2013 / 9 h 48 min

    What I supplied was friendship. We’re nonetheless in touch and I can honestly say I hold no bitterness toward either man.A voyaging ship was wrecked in the course of a storm at sea and only two with the men aboard had been capable to swim to a little, desert’like island. Not being aware of what else to do, the two survivors agreed that they had no other recourse than to pray to God.

  4. 08/04/2013 / 10 h 19 min

    but acquired by way of difficult work and determination. Identify the star that twinkles inside your heartfor you alone are capable of creating your brightest dreams come true. Give your hopes anything youve got and you’ll catch the star that holds your destiny.

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